Comp # 24-003 - Casual Educational Assistant (Rexton/ Miramichi/ Blackville)

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The Educational Assistant (EA) works under the supervision and direction of the student's classroom teacher(s), resource teacher, principal and/or other professional staff. Educational Assistants are employed by school districts to support the inclusion and the special education goals of students who have been deemed exceptional according to the Education Act.

Educational Assistants have become valuable members of the educational support staff for students with special academic, physical and/or behavioral needs. Often the support provided by an Educational Assistant is the essential component in the successful inclusion of special needs students.

Hours worked vary from 3-6 per day and starting and ending times vary according to the school and the student’s needs.

Casual Educational Assistants

  • As the need arises, all Casual EA applications are screened by a district team.
  • Only the highest-ranking applications of all the submissions are selected for further processing.
  • Successful candidate names go on a Supply database.
  • The casual EA database is renewed annually in August and updated regularly throughout the school year.
  • Casual EAs can be called either on a day-to-day basis or for short to long term positions depending on the need.
  • Casual EAs are used to replace absent permanent EAs or in a newly identified position until that position has been properly advertised.
  • Casual EAs may select designated school areas where they prefer to work.
  • Casual EAs may apply for any newly identified internal/external permanent EA positions that are advertised to the general public in the newspaper or online. EAs do have job rights over the public applicants.


  • The minimum criteria is one-year post-secondary training and experience in a related field.
  • Diplomas or Certificates obtained via on-line institutions are NOT accepted as post-secondary training.
  • Examples of related fields are programs or degrees in Early Childhood, Youth Care, Human Services, Educational Assistants, etc. Courses are offered through community colleges, institutes, and universities.
  • Examples of related experience are jobs in Youth Care, Group Homes, Support Services, Relief Care, Supported Employment, or Training Centres.
  • Candidates who have not worked in a related field of study but possess other post-secondary programming may be required to complete academic testing.
  • Selected candidates must successfully pass Personal and Criminal Reference Checks and Policy 701 Student Protection Policy Training before being hired or added to the database.
  • Must be knowledgeable about and abide by the Department of Education's Educational Assistant Guidelines for Standards and Evaluations.
  • Only programs from recognized post-secondary institutions will be accepted.

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May 24, 2024
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ECE, EA and Support Staff
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Teachers, Principals & Superintendents, Management & Professionals
Miramichi Area Schools
In accordance with the current collective agreement between CUPE 2745 and Treasury Board
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  • Resume
  • Certificates & Diplomas