#2324-449 1.0 FTE Secondary School Counsellor - Temporary Contract

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Posting #2324-449 Charles Bloom Secondary
1.0 FTE in the area of Secondary School Counsellor

This is a temporary contract position.

This position is effective as soon as possible and will continue until January 31, 2024 or upon the return of the incumbent, whichever comes first.

While all applicants will be considered, preference will be given to qualified applicants who self-declare Indigenous ancestry.

The starting annual salary for a school teacher position ranges from $58,000 to $110,000, with placement on the range based on the length of service and qualifications in accordance in accordance with the collective agreement. Positions of Special Responsibility receive an additional pay allowance in accordance with the collective agreement based on the levels 1, 2, or 3.

Please contact Josh Gutknecht, Principal, if you have specific questions regarding this position.

Secondary Counsellor Qualifications

The following criteria are the minimum expectations for qualifications for Counsellors in School District # 22 (Vernon).

  • Current knowledge and ability to support students with behavioural, emotional and career needs.
  • expertise in specific behavioural, emotional and career needs
  • expertise in a wide range of management strategies
  • expertise in recognizing symptoms and indicators related to specific areas of concern e.g. child abuse, suicide, etc.
  • competencies in career counseling (secondary)
  • expertise in a wide range of programs e.g. Second Step, LionsQuest, etc.
  • advocate for student needs
  • philosophical understanding and ability to implement changes to meet student needs
  • Strong Personal and Interpersonal Skills
  • demonstrates empathy
  • demonstrates good listening skills
  • demonstrates strong communication and mediation skills
  • demonstrates ability to work collaboratively with education and community personnel
  • demonstrates ability to develop positive relationships with children and youth


Masters Degree in Counselling, including:

  • Coursework in social and emotional development of school-aged children and youth
  • Coursework in abnormal psychology of school-aged children and youth
  • Coursework in behavior disorders and mental illness of school aged children and youth
  • Clinically supervised counseling practicum and/or related experience


  • Minimum of 5 years successful classroom teaching experience
  • successful counselling and/or related experience

Additional qualifications and related skills:

  • conflict resolution skills
  • interviewing skills
  • communication skills
  • mediation skills
  • prevention and intervention strategies
  • threat and risk assessment training for elementary and secondary
  • critical incident and crisis response training
  • must have certification with the BC Teachers Regulation Branch

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February 29, 2024
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Full Time, Contract
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Teachers, Principals & Superintendents
Charles Bloom Secondary
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Start Immediately
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1.0 FTE Secondary School Counsellor - Temporary Contract